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Tagesdeals für B2B augedealt?

Im Juni haben wir über die B2B-Tagesdeal-Plattform marketsharing.com berichtet.

In einer am Freitag an die Mitglieder verschickten Mail schreibt CEO Joel Smernoff, dass die Seite ab sofort “Offline” ist. Offizieller Grund: Man habe eine neue Idee, müsse seine gesamte Energie in dieses Projekt stecken und würde Anfang 2012 wieder aus dem Gebüsch kommen. Womit, das ist allerdings noch nicht klar:

Over the past several months, the team at MarketSharing has learned a great deal from the feedback provided by our customers and vendors. Most important, we’ve discovered that entrepreneurs are hungry for better ways to discover services that will help them build successful businesses.

In the midst of building the MarketSharing marketplace, we realized that we had stumbled upon a new and exciting solution to address this need. Our team has been so eager to work on the new vision that we decided it was time to dedicate all of our resources to making it happen.

Effective November 11th, 2011, the existing MarketSharing site will no longer be available. We are excited to unveil our new product in early 2012. As a current member of MarketSharing, you will be among the first to know when we’re ready to relaunch.